Cataracts Surgery

Cataracts are an extremely common eye problem and are the leading cause of vision problems in the over 65’s. The commonness of cataracts means that treatment is also widely available and there are hundreds of cataract surgery clinics in the UK that can operate to remove a cataract.

Cataracts Surgery

Why surgery?

The need to have a cataract surgical removed becomes so when the cataract has started to impact on the ability to carry out tasks that would normally be done easily on a daily basis. It is only at this stage that surgery is considered; in the early stages other methods can be used to improve vision. Visiting one of the local cataract surgery clinics for an eye exam will determine whether or not surgery is required. Ophthalmologists may suggest that stronger eye glasses and brighter lights around the home can be implemented to improve vision.

Private or NHS

Surgery can be done through the NHS or by private cataract surgery clinics and your choice between the two will depend on your situation.

The biggest part of your choice will come down to money; private cataract surgery will cost and may not be cheap. Costs will depend on which clinic you choose to perform the operation and the kind of lens you wish to have implanted; there are generally a number of lenses to choose from that can aid sight in different ways. If you cannot afford to pay for your surgery then the alternative is the NHS which is totally free; the big downside to the NHS is the waiting time.

Cataract surgery is the most common form of surgery carried out in the NHS and the number of patients on waiting lists continues to rise. This can lead to you having to wait several months for surgery and if both eyes are affected then it could be over a year before you vision is mended. This is where private cataract surgery clinics have a large advantage; once the extent of the cataract of the cataract has been determined, surgery can be scheduled in just days and treatment form a second eye can be done after just another week.

The level of qualified ophthalmologist working in both sectors is exactly the same so whichever method you choose the results will be excellent. However, because NHS surgery is generally performed by a team it is likely that the doctor that performs the consultancy will not be the one that operates on your eye. Choosing private surgery can mean the chance to meet and talk with your surgeon at every step of the way, this can put your mind at ease and allow you to know and trust the person operating on the eye.

If you can afford to have surgery done privately then it is certainly the better option, but if funds are not at your disposable then you can still feel safe in the fact that the level of overall service on the NHS is excellent as are the results.